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Howdy Neighbor! by Heckfire
Howdy Neighbor!
The pair responsible for reawakening the beast that is my craving for Japanese action figures: on the left is a Figma of Scarlet Rain from the anime "Accel World," and on the right is a Revoltech of Alice the Gate Opener from "Queen's Gate." Yes, as a matter of fact, Alice IS anatomically accurate and strippable...there's a sequence of pics involving her and that Shimakaze body pillow that, frankly, will probably never be allowed at either of my galleries for various reasons that demonstrates this.

As great as these two are, their shortcomings (to ME, at least...) made me realize how much I missed doing stuff with my Shinkis, and finally got me over my funk. Of course, the end result of THAT is a Shinki collection double the size of the one in "Naming Day"...
For the record, that body pillow keychain has become a recurring prop in my toy photos, alongside the Shinki recharge Cradle and Nagi's "P$4 console," and, far as I'm concerned, it was $6 worth spending.
BSC: Naming Day by Heckfire
BSC: Naming Day
And here we have the whole crew, at least as of almost exactly one year ago. I won't lie, shooting this comic triggered a critical case of "buyer's remorse" that made me actively avoid looking at the girls for most of the year. Fortunately (or unfortunately for my finances and desk space), an impulse purchase of a Figma and an Revoltech around Christmas would snap me out of it, and I would end up re-embracing my plastic addiction.

Bit of "Busou Shinki" lore, typically a new Shinki is named immediately when they're first activated. Er...well, I never said I was being canon.
BSC: Local Specialists by Heckfire
BSC: Local Specialists
Unfortunately, when I got VicViper Type 2 VerVietta, I ended up breaking her armored partner in a fairly critical place. Still, Nurse BrightFeather assures her that she found a couple of local experts on "transforming robots" to help with the rehabilitation...
BSC: Old Grudges, New Friends by Heckfire
BSC: Old Grudges, New Friends
Yoko wasn't the only one who had trouble adjusting to the new household, though. Samurai Type Benio, being a much more archaically designed Shinki, seemed ready and willing to carry on her ingrained "samurai versus ninja" hatred upon seeing Karasu.

Times like this, though, a magical catgirl of love and friendship REALLY comes in handy...
BSC: Getting To Know You Better by Heckfire
BSC: Getting To Know You Better
The OTHER difference between MMS 2nds and Shinkis is that they also come with a non-removable rubber chest piece.

Razz likes this. Yoko, however...


Failure made Flesh
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Spurred on by my acquisition of a Figma of my favorite teleporting lesbian Pepe lePew wannabe, Shirai Kuroko, I decided to actually give the anime she costars in, A Certain Scientific Railgun, a watch...and, after just finishing the last episode of Season 1, I can honestly say I haven’t been THIS glad to be so TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY WRONG about my expectations of a show in a long time. Going off of what I knew, I was expecting some kinda fanservice moe yuri-fest, but what I GOT was one of the best superhero dramas I’ve seen since the heyday of Uncanny X-Men.

Prime example, Kuroko herself: going off of what even the official artwork advertising the show focused on, I was expecting...well, exactly what I described, a psycho teen lesbian Pepe lePew, sexually harassing her roomie, the show’s namesake “Railgun” Mikoto Misaka, and getting a face full of lightning bolts and a Looney Tunes scorching for her troubles. What I GOT was a pint-sized badass who was the most effective and clever teleporter this side of Kurt Wagner, at one point using her sole power of teleportation to DROP A FUCKING PARKING GARAGE ONTO HER ATTACKER’S HEAD. Not only that, but she was a trained officer of the law, even as a high school student...which in anime USUALLY means slapstick incompetence typically involving frantic whistle blowing and misuse of handcuffs, but in the case of her and her co-officers in “Judgement” meant actual crimefighting and case solving. Hell, if anything, compared to how she was for most of the show, her “psycho stalker” bits actually seemed wildly out-of-character compared to the cool, competent badass she normally was.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I mean, every so often, you could see elements of the fanservicey stuff trying to sneak in...Saten’s tendency to flip up her friend’s skirt to see what panties the poor girl was wearing, Professor Kiyama Harumi’s tendency to absentmindedly strip in public, a handful of instances involving Kuroko in the first few episodes...which just seemed even MORE out-of-place when compared to the solid writing and characterization of the rest of the series. Fortunately, these jarring moments were few and far between, and never got in the way of what we were really there for.

It isn’t to say that the show was wall-to-wall action, though. Even in the sci-fi setting of Academy City (which always reminded me of the “future Toronto” from the Pokemon movie, Destiny Deoxys), the main focus was the four main characters and their lives, with the threats being more of a slow burn type that would build to a two- or three-part climax. The drama and the action always felt earned, and I never felt like something in THAT department was thrown in just for the sake of throwing it in. If there was any complaint, it was that the second story arc’s villain felt a little too much like the FIRST story arc’s, with the show trying to pass both off as good guys until their last minute heel turn despite all but painting the word “VILLAIN” on the woman’s forehead during the second arc’s opening credits.

That actually reminds me of another odd thing about the show: perhaps in response to the seemingly more traditional shounen show this one spins off from, A Certain Magical Index, there are almost NO male characters AT ALL to be found here. Touma, the lead from Index, shows up in a couple of eps, and the second arc introduces a non-powered ganger with ties to the supporting cast for a little while, but otherwise almost every male character in the show with any speaking lines are inevitably bad be fair, even in such a female-heavy show, it never feels like man-bashing because there are just as many female villains (and they’re usually much, much worse). 

So, yeah...I’m hooked. This show is the kinda of anime I wish was the standard-bearer, full of well-written characters, tight drama and even tighter action, and a minimum of gratuitous fanservice. In fact, I was SO mistaken about my expectations for this show that I actually wanna go check out Index now...I avoided it because it struck me as a bog-standard shounen/borderline harem show, but if Railgun can throw me for such a loop, maybe it deserves a chance to surprise me as well.

Do you ever hesitate to +Fav someone's pic because you don't want them to think you're turned on by it? 

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