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Old Stuff: Biollante K-Girl Erika by Heckfire
Old Stuff: Biollante K-Girl Erika
I was digging through my PB account for stuff to upload to my IB gallery and I found this which, to my surprise, I never uploaded HERE.

Reader's Digest version: there used to be two Biollante K-Girls at TKT, Lanni and Gaea, based on Final Form and Rose Form respectively. When Lanni's creator had a falling out with TKT, her K-Girls were removed from the roster and Rose was made the default all-purpose Biollante girl. Fair enough, but after watching the movie, I felt the Final Form was different enough that there SHOULD be a K-Girl for it and so I created Erika here, based loosely on my old Inhumanoids Tendril girl, Daisy, and named after the girl whose DNA (and SOOOUUULLLL, OOOOOOOOOO) was used to create the original kaiju...I guess my thought was that the girl's soul reincarnated into a body that was a LITTLE bit closer to her original one, but still a smidge off.

Those whip vine things are mostly retractable and can bud open into those mini mouths, although knowing me, the idea was that they'd be semi-autonomous, responding to her commands but prone to acting on their own.

I think I might have been planning on using her as the "final boss" in my "K-Juniors" shonen story, but I'd later decided on their final battle to be against the ACTUAL Biollante instead. Still, she's a good design, IMHO, and I thought I'd share her with you guys.
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
What’s MY fantasy..? Hmmm…OK, THIS I know the answer to.

It starts with my sweeties, Nuri and Zuki, leading me into a darkened hallway. Just as we reach the door at the end, they stop and tie a blindfold around my eyes. Yeah, I know, it’s kinda pointless with all my sensors, but I play along and let myself be blinded.

As I stand there, “helpless” before the mystery door, they start undressing me. The air is cool on my skin, but not chilly, just enough to make the skin of my nipples crinkle…or maybe that’s the teasing touches my beautiful lovers keep brushing over me as each piece of clothing is peeled from my body. They stop at my stockings, running their fingertips along the top of them, near my hips, and after a quick, whispered discussion, leave them on before draping something soft and gauzy around my shoulders that drifts down to the underside of my buttocks.

Yeah, “buttocks”…I’m trying to be classy here, okay?

They take my hands, one in each of theirs, and open the door, leading me carefully inside so I don’t trip. I can sense something ahead of me, many somethings, and I can feel my cunny…fuck you, that’s what I want to call it… growing warm and damp in anticipation of what I’m sure will be there once they finally remove the blindfold.

We stop, and they remove it, and I almost swoon with delight at the sight.

Standing before me, naked save for a variety of masks over their faces, are men, more than I have seen in one place, all shapes and sizes and colors, all erect and smiling for me. They’re arrayed around a simple mattress draped in white silks, more a dais or altar of worship than bed. The nearest ones reach out and gently take my hands from my girls’, pulling me slowly but insistently toward it as Nuri and Zuki step back into the shadows to watch, maybe indulge in some lovemaking of their own.

I climb onto the silks and kneel there as the smorgasbord of masculinity closes around me. It’s…glorious. SO many bodies, so many hands and arms and lips and cocks, all drawing within my reach. I feel the gauzy thing taken from my shoulders as lips are pressed to my skin, kissing me, tasting me. One sweet younger one nuzzles my cheek, and I press my lips to his as my hands return the gentle but insistent touches. I find his hardness and wrap my fingers around it, laughing at the gasp I squeeze gently from him. My other hand finds another willing body and another warm, thick cock to stroke, and as I do, I feel their hands begin to get bolder, slipping over my small breasts, the curve of my ass, probing the cleft of my sex, finding me soaked and eager.

I groan as the first cock enters me, hands parting my asscheeks as I feel him push into my anus, so thick and hard my knees almost buckle. It pushes deep into me, then tugs back, slowly plunging and pulling out of me over and over as my hands work the shafts in my grip, stroking them with slow but quickening motions, eager to feel the pulses under my fingertips racing. The younger man who was kissing me is first to release, naturally, his voice squeaking cutely as his semen splashes hotly across my belly; he looks embarrassed, but I kiss him deeply, tangling my tongue with his, and I feel another surge from his softening member, assuring me he will not be done for the night. Obediently, however, he steps back, allowing another of the delicious array of turgid mantoys to step forward.

All for me. All for my pleasure.

This one is aggressive, though, maybe because of the sight of his fellow plunging so wonderfully into my ass. He positions himself and, sneering slightly as if this was actually about HIM for some reason, pushes up into my cunt, spearing me with his impossibly large girth. He’s got reason to be cocky, pun intended, but after I allow myself a long, luxurious moan at the feel of him entering me, I match his sneer with my own. The duel is on, big boy, so let’s see which of us gives out first. I reach out with my empty hand taking another man into my grip and pumping more insistently as the pair I’m impaled on match their paces, sometimes alternating thrusts between my ass and pussy, other times thrusting simultaneously, filling me so impossibly full I close my eyes and whimper and shriek with pleasure. It doesn’t take long for the next cock to blow, sticky hot semen splattering my hip this time and the hips of my two loving jackhammers. I don’t wait this time, and another is quickly found to replace his, my slippery grip pumping him furiously.

All for me. All for ME.

The feel of the eruption in my ass is INCREDIBLE, like he’d been saving himself up for me for weeks. I can feel it tricking from inside me as he pulls free. I clench around him, milking another spurt before I’m willing to relinquish him, but the cocky bastard plowing my cunt takes the opportunity to pull me down onto him, thrusting up into me as I yelp. At first I think I’ll pull off him, punish him for being too greedy, but when his hands pry my ass brazenly open and I feel a new pair of hands grip my hips, though, I realize his plan. This new cock wastes no time, slamming balls deep into me with enough force to cause the semen already inside me to spray out around the tight fit. I scream, but not from pain, because this brutality is so fucking INCREDIBLE, both huge THINGS pummeling at my insides like battering rams as I frantically pump away at two more.

Even better, this new horizontal position brings those sweet, juicy treats closer to my hungry lips, and it take less than a second for an enterprising soul to feed my desire for throbbing flesh. I suck and lick and make a game effort, but ultimately I relent and let him simply fuck my slavering mouth, eager to get at his tasty cream filling. More of the hot treat splatters across my silver skin, either from the pulsing dicks in my hands or from other participants, either earlier ones recovered but not to their next turn or those yet to be sampled by me but too overeager by the sight, taking matters into their own hands. It’s a wonderful, sticky, hot mess that coats me even as I feel the throbbing heat of the cock in my cunt coat my insides with his seed.

All for me.

I lose track of where I am as the first of my own orgasms crashes over me, prompted by the new cock hilted into my cunny, but I can’t make anything but a strangled groan as the cock in my mouth suddenly takes advantage of my startled gasp and thrusts into my throat. If I needed oxygen, I’d have gagged, but I simply swallow around it, my throat muscles finally managing to squeeze his delicious hot seed into my hungry stomach. As if prompted by the sight, the eager fellow pounding my tight ass erupts within it as well, and I wonder for a second if their deposits are mixing inside of me at that moment even as the thrumming ebb and flow of my own orgasms, now beginning to blur into a rippling, crashing sine wave of indescribable pleasure as ANOTHER hot, eager cock plunges into both of my now vacant openings.

More. Don’t stop. Don’t EVER fucking STOP.

It keeps going, hours seem to pass as one cock blows and is replaced over and OVER again. The tastes, the textures, the FEELS…each one different, each one unique and savored and cataloged as I feel my systems beginning to peak, internal monitors screaming unheeded warnings as I push myself further, beyond  my parameters, beyond the safety limits and protocols. I can feel my systems overloading and I DON’T FUCKING CARE. I’m a toy who craves to be BROKEN, shattered and left spent and insensate as more sticky glory is splashed around me, on me IN ME…

Too much…TOO MUCH…

As if they can hear the voices in my OS I’m willfully denying, the wonderful horde of men starts to pull away, spurting their last sluggish loads on me and in me before they stand and back away into the shadows, leaving me, spent, barely functional, every inch of my skin and hair painted white with their desire. I can barely move, barely think, and for the first and only moment I actually find myself regretting my willfulness.

Then he steps from the shadows, maskless. He doesn’t need it. I know him better than any, and if there was any male who I could claim to love as much as my sweet Zuki and Nuri, it’s him. I try to move, to beg him to help me, but I know from the glint in his eyes he’s not here to return me to functioning.

He is the one who will finally break me.


He climbs over my prone form, his body covering mine as he gathers me into his arms. No, maybe he’s not as muscular or as fit or handsome as the previous males, but they were meat, toys for my pleasure. They fucked me to the point of malfunction, and now as he parts my thighs and slowly slips himself into my aching, throbbing cunt, feeling as if he was a missing piece returned to its proper location, I feel the slow build of my next orgasm with each agonizingly slow, deliberate thrust. He holds me tightly, not caring for the sticky mess I leave on his skin; his lips find mine, not caring about the flavor of all the others who fed me their seed before. They fucked me to the point of malfunction, and now he will slowly, lovingly, insistently finish the job.

I feel his breath growing ragged even as the fringes of my eyesight contract and blacken. I hear his moans, soft and loving as he groans my name over and over even as they’re overcome with static. He pushes me, further and further with each thrust and pull of that wonderful cock inside me, and as his body tenses up, as that first splash of his hot essence splatters inside me, felt even through the growing haze, I feel myself crest once more…

And like a light bulb filament, I snap. All sensory data halts, all functions cease, my final, cresting release trapped like a plucked guitar string as my system goes into diagnostic reboot, the lights of my eyes dimming as I fall limp in his arms. I am broken, and in his arms like a marionette with its strings cut, utterly helpless.

And, as if I’m still aware of it, he pulls his softening dick free of my now slack cunny, not caring about the rush of combined fluids from him and all those before him dribbling out. He gathers me into his arms effortlessly, since he’s so much larger than I am, but gently, as if handling something precious and fragile.

He stands and, for the first time since this started, Nuri and Zuki step from the shadows, as naked as we are, and guide him over to the big recessed tub nearby. He carries me into the fragrant water and, with gentle but diligent care, begins to clean me. His hands leave no inch of my body unprobed as he cleanses me, but his touch, gentle as it is, is not about pleasure, mine or his. Carefully, every trace of the evening that can be reached is rinsed from me, washed away warm water and loving hands. Only when I am clean, fully and thoroughly, does he lift me from the water; my two precious lovers come forward with thick, soft towels and, as he holds me in his arms, they dry every inch of my body and his, removing the last traces of the night from us both.

They don’t need to be as gentle as they are, because I’m pretty fucking durable, but they are. They don’t have to be as loving with their attentions, because I’m still in the process of rebooting and couldn’t tell anyway.

But they are.

While my sweet loves gather his clothes for him, he carries my prone body to our bed and lays me, gently and carefully, within the soft, clean sheets. He kisses me once, soft and lightly, before pulling away. He takes his clothes from my girls and dresses quickly; each of them give him a kiss as well, maybe out of gratitude, maybe out of affection, but the message is clear: it’s time for him to leave. And he does, maybe glancing back once with a look of affectionate envy as my girls climb into bed with me, gathering the comforters around us as they snuggle in close.

And the first things I register as I return to online status, that plucked string of my last orgasm now finally released and allowed to fade like a lone, final note of a symphony of passion and lust, are the arms of Zuki and Nuri encircling me, their bodies warm on my skin as their breaths mingle on my lips. Maybe we make love, maybe we snuggle and doze off together…Hell, maybe we go get some food and watch the tape of the proceedings. Knowing Nuri, she’ll have already scheduled a maintenance checkup for me later that day, JUST to make sure everything came through intact…but, that’s for later. For now, it’s time for loving and recovery, for savoring that I was pushed to my limits and beyond, broken and used and left insensate with pleasures beyond my capabilities, and that I emerged out the other side, safe and in the arms of those who I love more than anything in the world.


I smile and let the last image linger a moment, before I turn towards my audience. It apparently quadrupled during my telling, Zuki and Junrei having finished their photo shoot with Nuri and the three of them, hearing me talking to Shuko, decided to eavesdrop. By the stunned, flushed looks on their four faces, I’d guess I’d given them all something to consider.

I couldn’t leave it be, though. I quickly clapped my hands twice, just loud enough to snap them back to reality, before grinning evilly. “Chopchop, ladies! Since I don’t actually HAVE a birthday, you guys don’t have to wait for any ‘special occasion’ to spring this on me. I think you guys have some phone calls to make, hm? Snap to it!”

I admit, I was a little disappointed by the rolled eyes and groans of “Whatever,” but Nuri and Zuki didn’t hide the shared grin between them very well.

I love giving my wives ideas.
Maisy's Fantasy (story)
Alternate Title: "Do Gynoids Dream of Electric Dicks?"

I'm sorry, I had to get this out, it's been bouncing around my head for a couple of months now. For some reason, the idea of what Maisy, my hypersexed gynoid mascot, would consider a "sexual fantasy" came up in conversation and THIS was the result. Amusingly, it features the one thing that has never participated in ANY smutfic I have ever written in the past EVER: men. Lots of them. A veritable phalanx of faceless phalluses flogged far and wide. I swear, next time it’ll be all girls as usual.

I feel I should note that technically this is set in what I've been referring to as the "10 Years Later" timeline...yeah, go figger that, as soon as I try and give up on all things K-Girl, I almost immediately construct TWO, possibly THREE, timelines centering around what used to be known as the K-Juniors, all but one being now in my stewardship. In this case, it involves a 10 year timeskip, placing the former lolibait in their early 20s; the only way it really impacts this story is that, in this timeline, Maisy, Nuri, and Zuki are now married to one another in a polygamous threesome, and that they have opened a modelling studio with the Dorats (using the money Maisy had saved from her old website, "").

As for the last man, I purposely left his identity and description blank. Feel free to substitute whatever male you want: maybe it's Kim, maybe it's Shugo, maybe it's ME...who cares. Maybe it's Optimus Primal or her inventor, I dunno. Have fun.

...geez, I am rusty at writing porn. It's lightyears better than my last attempt, at least.
Just letting you guys know I'm still plugging away. This semester is pretty work-heavy at school, and, honestly, my art mojo's been in the crapper in favor of my writer's mojo, so I haven't really had anything to post in my galleries but I have still been working on stuff.
What the headline says.
Kiha and Rahne 1 by Heckfire
Kiha and Rahne 1
This pair are a couple of Character Adopts I picked up a little over a year ago. In the center is Kiha Brax, designed by Rising Dragon over at Inkbunny as part of an Egg Auction; the Warrior Egg was the last one, and no one had picked it up after a couple of weeks, so I grabbed it and asked him to give her a huge fucking axe and a Viking helmet. On the right is Rahne, a Ranger skunkess I grabbed from my buddy :iconmarauder6272:; she was the most petite of the group, and I STILL ended up almost halving her cup size by accident here. Since I got them at around the same time, and they both came from batches whose theme was "D&D Adventurer Classes," I almost immediately linked them together in my head (although Rahne only finally got named last night)...I find the pairing deeply amusing considering the typical themes of the respective artists, cub and hyper, are practically the exact opposites of each other on the fetish scale, and yet I'm using these two girls in PG-13 scenarios in my head at worst ATM (I actually had to give Rahne a top because her given Ranger uniform didn't have can see her without it here… if you don't mind tig ol' bitties and shlongs). Still, I like the pairing and I already have ideas involving them and my other Wrath.

...I think this would classify as a "funnier at 3am" pic if I hadn't worked on it all damn night.


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Just letting you guys know I'm still plugging away. This semester is pretty work-heavy at school, and, honestly, my art mojo's been in the crapper in favor of my writer's mojo, so I haven't really had anything to post in my galleries but I have still been working on stuff.

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