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TF CW: Triage and Rally (WIP) by Heckfire TF CW: Triage and Rally (WIP) by Heckfire
Jumping ahead in the queue, here's a quick pic I took of two Transformers I've been modding as member of my second/third Combiner team, one made up entirely of OC femmebots, as they were waiting for the clearcoat to dry.

On the right is the G1/"Combiner Wars" version of my TFA OC, Rally (original version here TFA: Rally). I'm still working out how the G1 version differs from the TFA one, especially since I specifically created the older one to specifically take Road Rage's place since TFA Road Rage had nothing really to do with her G1 namesake. I suppose, then, if TFA Rally was TFA Crosscut's partner and TFA RR was a bounty hunter, then if G1 RR is G1 Crosscut's partner, G1 Rally should be a bounty hunter instead. It fits the grungy, back alley reputation of the character, too. She still has her empathic "emotion-inversion" power, now broadened to include general empathic abilities (well, she lost her TFA flight mode, so it kinda balances out), but while such powers are commonplace in TFA, in G1 they mark her as an "outlier," sort of like a Cybertronian version of Marvel's mutants.

On the left is Triage, a sort of homeopathic medical ninja.

No. Really.

Triage practices what she calls "esoteric crystalocution," a self-taught variation of the established Cybertronian martial art that, rather than targeting metal fracture points to disassemble opponents, instead uses them to disrupt, redirect, or enhance the flow of energon through a Transformer's body. With the application of the right amount of force to the right spots, she can do a variety of effects, from increasing someone's self-healing ability to paralyzing limbs or locking someone in their alt-mode. She's...a little odd sometimes, falling somewhere between a spacey flower child and a Zen martial artist, eschewing firearms in favor of her armored batons, and she is absolutely fascinated by Rally, having never met an outlier before. While Rally herself is a little off-put by the attention, the two bond over their shared background in crystalocution, with Rally an eager pupil of Triage's bizarre methods for how they would aid her in taking down prey.

...yeah. They're totally gonna bang. Just you wait.

Special thanks to Quaternion at TFW2005 for making Triage's chestpiece and Rally's head; he specializes in femmebot parts (so far mainly focusing on Combiner Wars conversions). Check out his Shapeways store here:…
burstlion Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is some really nice work!
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